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Practice Clinics and Services

Your Doctor will try and find the best way of making you better. This may not involve giving you medicine or tablets, as there are other ways to treat you, so please do not expect a prescription on every visit. You may require advice on how to prevent illnesses in the future.

The surgery provides minor surgery, but if you need specialist advice or treatment, you will be referred to the hospital. Patients with minor injuries should attend casualty.


The midwives look after ladies throughout pregnancy keeping in close contact with the doctors.

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Sister Jane Woods runs the Asthma Clinic. The aim of the clinic is to ensure good control of asthma by regular monitoring and education about the disease. Special attention is paid to developing a good inhaler technique and early recognition of warning signs.

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Carer Information

It is helpful to know if you have a Carer (someone who takes on an unpaid caring role) or if you are a Carer for someone else. We have a page dedicated to Carers  where you can also register with us as a carer so we can provide you with additional support.

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Cervical Cytology (Smear Tests)

To reduce the risk of cervical cancer, smear tests should be performed every 3 years (unless otherwise indicated by the Doctors) between the ages of 25 to 65 years. You will be informed by letter that your smear is due. Smears can be done at the surgery by the nurse and appointments can be made via reception.

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Child Health & Immunisations

We strongly encourage all children to be fully immunised. Parents will receive an invitation to see one of the doctors for your baby's 8 week check and a Practice Nurse for their first immunisations.

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Diabetic Clinic

Patients with diabetes are sent regular invitations to attend this clinic. Advice is given about monitoring and controlling sugar levels. Patients are also assessed for complications and will be given time to ask about any problems they are having with their diabetes and general health.

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Family Planning

We offer the full range of family planning services including coil fitting.

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Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are carried out each year for certain at risk groups.

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Healthy Heart

Our Practice Nurses undertake annual reviews for patients with heart disease or heart failure.

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Minor Surgery

We undertake a wide range of minor surgical procedures on the premises including joint injections and the excision of skin lesions such as sebaceous cysts and moles.

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Phlebotomy Clinic

Appointments for blood tests are available each morning with our practice phlebotomists.

Please remember that some blood tests require patients to fast before the blood is taken. Fasting means that no food or drink can be taken for 12 hours prior to the time of the appointment.

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First Contact Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists providing a first point of contact service means that patients presenting with a musculoskeletal (MSK) problem for a GP appointment are offered an appointment with a physiotherapist instead.

First Contact Physiotherapist leaflet.

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Practice Nursing Services

Our Practice Nurses offer the following services:

  • Asthma
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Chronic Heart Disease
  • Diabetes Review
  • First aid advice, Blood and Urine Tests, Dressings, removal of stitches etc
  • Ear syringing
  • Adult and Childhood Immunisations
  • Travel Immunisations
  • Cervical Smears and Contraception Services
  • Family Planning
  • Health Promotion
  • New Patient Health Checks
  • Advice on Diet
  • Post Natal Exams
  • Spirometry (lung function tests)

The nurses also runs a variety of clinics.

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Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practice

We are a Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practice. This means we have a dedicated Clinician who has a specialist knowledge of service related health conditions and veteran specific health services. This is important in helping Veterans to get the best care and treatment.

If you are ex forces, please let your GP know to help ensure you are getting the best possible care.

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Travel Vaccinations

Advice on immunisation and precautions needed for foreign travel is available from our Nurses.

Please note certificates for confirmation of vaccination for visa purposes are NOT on the NHS and a charge will be made.

Please try and see us well before you travel, ideally 4 to 6 weeks and try not to leave vaccinations to the last minute. It is essential you have adequate medical insurance.